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Awwww we won the ~play~ today :3

Hipsta Niqqas

lol we bought this iMax fake telescopes omg they’re so lame haha op well this was during Fall Out Boy’s second concert here though

My first band concert!!!!!!

Remember when I wanted to marry my hair awwwwww yeah

with Good Charlotte (Glorietta, April 6, 2011)

I love them they were all so sweet :3

Hi @whippah, @mariae9th, and @igotchoo! :)

My amazing concert buddies! Maryey, Vienna, and AK (whippah)! Love you girls <3

(c) Vienna Orlino

does anyone know Keana Nisperos

I miss her ohmygod I remember when we played bra and panties match when we’re like, in 4th grade or something

It’s been 4 years since the last time I saw her… :’/

Love these girls 4ever.

BCTrading and N-A though ;)

made chicken sandwich spread with friends this afternoon lol we r awsm~