Maybe if I had a teacher like this I would have liked science more.

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I’m not sure if it’s just me but I feel like there’s something wrong right now. Something’s different in the way we talk. This is stupid but I’m afraid that if this will go on for a few more days, we will get affected and some things might change.

I know I can be a mess. I can be confusing. You’ll get sick of me, I assure you that.

The truth is, I’m just scared. I don’t know what this is that we really have right now, but I enjoy it. I feel comfortable with it. I’ve never felt this special before. It makes me happy.

You make me happy.

The possibility of us putting this to an end scares me. A lot. I know I don’t own you. It’s not all about possession. There’s no commitment. We just… clicked. Maybe some people would say we’re a mistake. Whatever this is that we feel about each other right now, maybe they’d say it’s wrong in so many ways. 

Still, I know we have something and you have no idea how much I value and savor every bit of it. I like you, yes. Love you actually but I know we’ve talked about that so let’s just leave it there. You made me feel appreciated in everything I do. I’ve always had self-esteem issues but you made a difference. I don’t know how you do it, but you definitely have your way of making me feel better about myself.

I know that maybe it’s too soon for me to feel like this about us. It’s only been a few months since we started talking to each other (again) and developed our feelings. Maybe we’ve taken some things a bit too fast. 

Despite that, I’m still holding on to what we’ve talked about. I don’t wanna lose you. I want us to last. I don’t like thinking about the future, but my hopes are high and I’ve always wanted this to work.

I’ve spent my whole life trying to find that one person who’s worth it. I’ve been wrong a few times and met the wrong people. But then you came.


Someone who’s worth it.

I’ve waited for this for a very long time now. I’m careful. I’m not going to lose this chance. I know I can be shitty and I’m so sorry if it affects you.

But yeah, I’m just scared. Scared of how you’re going to feel about me. Scared of losing whatever this is that we have right now.

Scared of losing you.

Arte forevz haha! Big thanks to my Tita Ghit for always making me feel beautiful inside and out! ☺ (at Nuestra Señora De Gracia Parish)

I guess this would serve as my official i-am-finally-a-graduate instagram post! I will surely miss high school :( To College, we all go Seniors 2013!

Stinson on Prom?! Man that’s just legen….. wait for it…. alright it’s coming…… DARY! LEGENDARY! 👍

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My super gorgeous mom! I mean, sister!!! ❤❤ definitely what I’m looking forward to look like in the next 30 years ;) (Taken with Instagram)

Alohuhhhh! (Taken with Instagram)

Happy Fathers’ Day, Papa! I love and miss you very much :( (Taken with Instagram)

Hair before bed is da b0mb 💣💣 (Taken with Instagram)